Moxi Recruitment provides a nationwide service to fill schools’ recruitment needs at all levels, on a permanent, temporary and contract basis.  From support staff and teaching assistants to classroom teachers and senior management leadership professionals, Moxi only puts the highest quality candidates in front of you. With years of experience in the field, Moxi also specialises in supplying qualified professionals to support students with special educational needs.

Our training programme

At Moxi, we know it can be tricky to find staff with the skills that you need. Working in collaboration with you; we can offer our 3-week training course to candidates. That’s because when you hire a Moxi candidate, you hire a specialist trained candidate! Someone who is equipped with the skills to handle whatever is thrown at them.

Find out more about our training programme here.

Why Moxi?

At Moxi, we understand your recruitment needs, because we are educators! Our founders are specialist trained with a background in education, including working as leaders, teachers and in the education recruitment sector, to provide you with the very best staff and programmes to suit your needs.

Quality Assured Recruitment

At Moxi, we treat the safeguarding of students with the utmost importance. All of our candidates are vetted to the highest standards, to ensure the safety of pupils.

Rigorous Selection Process

To keep our standards high, we have a rigorous selection process. All of our Teaching and Support staff are required to have a minimum of 6 months of experience, or to have completed our training, pass interviews and vetting checks before they work in our schools.


Our support doesn’t stop once we find the right candidate. We provide excellent aftercare; ensuring that things are going well for both you and the candidate, providing advice and guidance where needed.