Day to day supply (Emergency)

Day to day supply tends to be considered emergency supply. This can be for unprecedented circumstances or cover needs beyond a school’s control. This can include a member of staff who has had a medical emergency, or unaccounted-for pupils.

To book day to day supply call 0300 303 4414 (option 2) or email

Flexi/rolling supply

Flexi or rolling supply can be when a school may have multiple short-term illnesses at once over a period of time, and prefer to have someone on a consistent basis to work as an “in house supply”.

To book call 0300 303 4414 (option 2) or email

Long Term Supply

Long term supply is usually a member of staff that is needed to cover a period of absence. This can be someone who may be on maternity leave, or who may have a long term illness or need.

To find the perfect candidate that fits your team for a longer period email us on