We appreciate that hiring and managing staff can’t be your full-time job. Nor should it be! At a time when we all need to find and keep hold of great talent, we’re here to offer our help and expertise.

Beyond our offering of first-class recruitment services, we are also able to support and assist with your workforce planning. This involves assessing your existing staff base, identifying and understanding any skills and training gaps, and working towards planning for future talent requirements.

It can be a complex process, but we can break it down into easily manageable pieces, at each step of the way. At all times, our aim is to be ‘proactive’ rather than ‘reactive’ when it comes to staffing.

With long-term expertise in ethical education recruitment, reinforced by first-rate Leadership & Management and Learning & Development qualifications, Moxi is the industry’s safest, most reliable pair of hands.

We can support you with:

  1. Job Description Reviews

Ensuring they are both fit-for-purpose and an accurate reflection of the role itself.

  1. Advert Writing

Helping you to stand out from the crowd, target the right people and maximise your accessibility.

  1. Exit Interviews

Whether it’s yourself developing or Moxi Recruitment completing it on your behalf, we can liaise with your leavers to evaluate their experiences of your organisation and ascertain their reasons for leaving, in order to inform continuous improvement and development

  1. Application Screening & Management

This can be – and very often is – a time-consuming process. Trust Moxi Recruitment to undertake it on your behalf.

  1. Application Review & Interview Process

As an education recruitment company that’s made for educators by highly experienced education and teaching professionals, we are consistently able to walk through the entire applications and interview process, in order to highlight any areas requiring improvement. Promoting good practice and ensuring that you benefit from the best possible outcomes

  1. Training Needs Identification

Moxi Recruitment works with you closely to assess your existing workforce, frame the challenges to come and identify and/or develop appropriate training programmes to cater for both current and future needs.

  1. Future Workforce Planning

We take the time to ‘live’ with your organisation, to understand how it is likely to evolve, in both the short and longer term. Will you require more staff? Less staff? Moxi Recruitment can help you decide.

  1. Recruitment Solutions Planning

As you would expect from such a forward-thinking, agile and proactive organisation as Moxi Recruitment, we are always in a position to ensure that you’ve got the right support, from the right people… at the right time!

All of the above, and more, can be tailored to fit the precise requirements of your school or organisation.

For more information about Moxi Recruitment and our extensive range of services, call me today on 0300 303 4414, or send an email to a.oxton@moxi-recruitment.co.uk