At Moxi Recruitment, we’re committed to helping the next generation of teaching talent get a head start in this hugely challenging, yet rewarding profession.

Here we talk to one of our latest successful candidates, Ivana. Following her graduation from University, Ivana was looking to kick start her career in teaching here in Greater Manchester, but finding it difficult to get her first big break. With our help and support, she’s now working in a local secondary school and making real progress in her new role.

 So Ivana, how did you first hear about Moxi Recruitment?

 “I was looking for a job in my area as a newly graduated student and came across an advert online about a role in a secondary school. I went to the web address advertised, filled in my details and, the next morning, I received a phone call from Moxi Recruitment. The lady on the phone was very polite and gave me all the information about the role, and we arranged a meeting for the following week. The whole process went smoothly, and I got the job!”

What role are you now working in?

“Currently, I am working as an Inclusive Support Assistant and loving every minute of it.”

How did Moxi Recruitment help you secure your new role?

“My contact at Moxi, Anne Oxton, was fantastic throughout the entire process. She supported me during the interview stage and even gave me some ideas to help me improve my chances on the day. She sent me all the relevant training I was supposed to do, and even helped me submit the DBS application which was needed for my role.”

What advice would you give to someone thinking of applying for a role or training within education via Moxi Recruitment?

“I would advise anyone looking for a role in education to get in touch with Moxi, as they provide an excellent service and make sure you’re well prepared for your new role. Even after I secured my job, I received phone calls from them, just to check I was happy in my new workplace, which was a really welcome and pleasant surprise. This has motivated me to recommend them to many of my peers from University, as well as other people via social media platforms.”

Anything else you would like to share?

“I cannot recommend Moxi Recruitment highly enough, as they offer a quality service and personal support for their clients. I must also mention that I appreciate the cards they sent me for Christmas, as well as my birthday. I hope that they have many more satisfied clients like me.”

If you want to follow in Ivana’s footsteps, then call Anne Oxton today on 0300 303 4414 or send an email to: and let’s give your career in education a head start!

You don’t need a degree or even a conventional teaching qualification to be successful, we’ll provide the training and CPD you’ll need!