The first half term of Academic Year 2023/24 is almost over. Congratulations; you’ve made it through the hardest part!

The return to school following the summer break is a perennial challenge for teachers and their pupils alike. School provides some much-needed structure and a steady, ‘normal’ daily routine which, during the six-week break, is easily lost amidst the warmer weather, family holidays and long, lazy afternoons.

On your return to the classroom, it’s vital to ensure there is a calm and welcoming atmosphere. Likewise, it’s essential to observe changes in year groups; particularly between key stages and for those in Year 11 who may have had the sudden realisation that this is it; their last year in school.

A good educator should always be mindful of – and compassionate towards – the wellbeing of all their pupils, with particular regard to mental health; and the same rules apply when dealing with their colleagues. The best teachers are the ones who are always sensitive and alert to potential social/family issues impacting performance and happiness  in school, which may have occurred during the summer.

For today’s teacher, there is no ‘easing in’ period; it’s full-on from the very first day back, right up until the last day of term. And, whilst it’s great that teachers have time to rest and recuperate, the work looming on the horizon often means the half-term break is anything but a holiday. The pastoral care at EdStart Schools, our partner organisation, really makes sure that its team receive the support they need all year round, in and out of the classroom. Staying in touch and maintaining that essential ‘glue’ of a consistent school culture.

EdStart Schools were in the enviable position of being fully staffed in September, but not all schools find this to be the case. Similarly, it may be that teachers return for the Autumn term and immediately hand in their notice, citing burn-out which has affected them throughout the summer break. Like other education organisations, Moxi Recruitment and EdStart Schools regularly see staff shortages in specialist subjects.

As an experienced and ethical education recruiter, we appreciate that there is always the danger that teachers could lose their love of teaching, for a variety of reasons, practically overnight. So, by broadening the curriculum – particularly with regard to enrichment elements – pupils and teachers alike gain varied experiences. We find this is what pupils remember the most and, even as adults, when we reflect upon our own educations, it is these experiences that we generally remember first and the best.

As we break for the Autumn half-term holidays, it can be a time where we see a lot of change, and we all need to be prepared for more, as we head towards the run-up to Christmas. The dark mornings and nights can have an adverse impact on the morale of teachers and their pupils alike. Therefore, it’s incredibly important that we’re always observing and supporting our colleagues and the people around us. By having the right people in place, we can help establish and maintain a positive environment.

If you’re a teacher, a teaching assistant or someone looking to get into education for the first time, then we’re only ever just a phone call away. Alternatively, why not pay a  visit to our Salford Quays Office? We’re looking to start a series of weekend open mornings there, commencing Saturday 11th November (10:30am to 12:30pm). Come and meet our team, including our CEO James Lowe. Together, we can discuss the range of options available to you with regard to training and career progression.

Experience is no barrier to success at Moxi Recruitment; we provide full and CPD at all levels. Likewise, we work with our partners and clients across the North West of England, to bring you the region’s most exciting job opportunities in the education sector.

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