We celebrate International Friendship Day on Sunday 30th July

Sharing our experiences; our professional and personal issues and challenges with the confidence only solid connections and friendships can bring is a healthy, rewarding and positive process. Moreover, it’s something we actively encourage and constantly seek to promote, as an ethical education recruitment organisation.

Here at Moxi Recruitment, we pride ourselves on developing meaningful, long-term relationships with our clients, candidates, collaborators and partners alike. We’re transparent as an organisation, and openly (and routinely) share best practice, relate our experiences and communicate the latest market information, research and trends.

This total and committed approach to progression – our key, overarching value at Moxi and the Grolife group of companies to which we belong – keeps us agile and means we are always well-placed to provide informed, constructive insights and recommendations.

Moxi Recruitment offers a safe space for education professionals to speak out with confidence about some of the current issues and challenges affecting them, along with clear advice – and concise information – on potential new career routes and opportunities. Likewise, we love to hear from people we’ve worked with and successfully recruited into roles, keeping track of their career progress and hearing about the positive difference they’re making within education. We know only too well that the path isn’t always smooth – so we’re happy to be a compassionate listener, if people ever need somebody to talk to!

The benefits of friendship include:

– reduced loneliness.

– lower stress levels.

– better mental and physical health.

We really value the connections and friendships we make, here at Moxi Recruitment and we’re always happy to welcome new friends! Whether you’re looking for a new career move, general advice and insights, or just an informal, impartial chat with an ethical organisation with clear values that genuinely understands the world of education and its ongoing and evolving challenges, we’re always here for you.

It’s all part of our ‘authenticity’ – another of our core values – which informs and shapes our approach to the work we do!

For more information about Moxi Recruitment and our extensive range of services, call me today on 0300 303 4414, or email me direct: a.oxton@moxi-recruitment.co.uk