It’s that time of year again… where young people leaving school next summer are being asked to make choices now about their future, by FE colleges up and down the country.

 It’s an exciting time for many Key Stage 4 students; almost akin to a rite of passage, marking the beginning of their lives post-16 and the transition to adulthood. For others, however, the sheer amount of choice and opportunity suddenly presented before them, can prove overwhelming. Particularly as it also comes with the added pressure of a decision from themselves – and their parents – based on their predicted grades.

 Being in the education sector means we come into regular contact with many parents – whether in our own teams or the families of the young people we work with. Like practically everywhere else at the moment, school and college open events are a red-hot topic for us here at Moxi Recruitment.

Although we’re not in the position to offer young people a pathway to further education straight from school, we understand how pressurised the situation can be… and we know that it can be equally overwhelming for parents. After all, we all want the very best for our children.

Naturally, it’s got us thinking about how these choices and decisions are similar to those we typically experience when considering a new job or, even, an entirely different career direction. It can be daunting; even intimidating at times. Sometimes, choice can be a paradox – too much of it can lead to ‘overload’ and result in decision fatigue, sticking to what we know, or avoiding making a decision altogether.

However, it’s vital we keep our options open – at all times – with regard to our careers.

Gone are the days of ‘jobs for life’. It is estimated that the average person will go through approximately seven career changes in their lifetimes.

With this in mind, here are some of my top tips, whether it’s looking for a course, CPD,

a new role, or a career switch to the education sector.

  1. Do your research

Look at the course, the job description and then the School or College itself, and speak to students or staff who’ve been through it.

  1. Take a look for yourself

Whether it’s an open evening or an invite to take a tour, go along and get to know the School or College. Everywhere is completely different. Being in the environment will allow you to get a feel for the culture at play there. Always ask yourself, “is this somewhere I can see myself working or studying?”

  1. Be inquisitive

Never be afraid to ask questions. It shows interest and will help you make an informed decision about your future. You can also speak to myself and the rest of the Moxi Recruitment team (call me now on 0300 303 4414 or send an email to about your career choices – we’re always here to offer impartial help, advice and assistance.

  1. Look around

Always remember that it’s OK if you don’t know exactly what you want to do right now. If what comes next in your education or career progression is still subject to change, then look at courses or jobs that play to your strengths. If you’re great with IT, explore an IT course, or an office-based role.

  1. Find your ‘Why’

What is your real purpose in life? Working in a school is a vocation. Other careers may offer more money or shiny benefits but, if you’re looking to make a real difference to a young person’s life, and shape their future, then becoming an educator is a great option for you. Likewise for school leavers, look for your own driving force when it comes to choosing the course that’s right for you. Don’t be guided by the ambitions of others, or high-paying, glamorous professions which may not suit your skill sets or natural abilities. Be yourself and go your own way!

 Moxi Recruitment is here to support you through career moves, help you secure new teaching positions, provide ongoing training and CPD, and nurture the next generation of teaching talent through our introductory programmes.

 Call me today on 0300 303 4414 to discuss your individual requirements, or send me an email to: