National Walking Month is coming to a halt, and what a lovely end to May it’s been. The glorious, warm late-spring sunshine has certainly made it so much easier to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors.

When our Talent Acquisition Partner, Anne Oxton ( has not been busy helping us to make waves in education recruitment, she’s been working hard on her step count during National Walking Month.

National Walking Month exists to celebrate the many health and happiness benefits of walking and wheeling. During May, it has also been in perfect step with Mental Health Awareness Month – an annual event that helps to promote better recognition and understanding of mental health and behavioural issues, and reduce the associated stigma experienced by a great many of those affected.

“Throughout May, I’ve been making a conscious effort to get outside more,” elaborates Anne, “whether it’s been a lunchtime walk around the beautiful Salford Quays [Moxi Recruitment is based in the Digital World Centre, part of the Quays’ Lowry Plaza complex]; working from home, weekend walks with my dog or simply doing some litter picking, which has also been a big plus for my mental health.

“I’ve found that getting out more has helped to increase my productivity and further sharpen my focus on my new role here at Moxi Recruitment, and I’d certainly recommend it to anyone.

“Being outdoors; getting fresh air; it makes such a big difference to your day. For the month, I’m hoping to reach my 350,000 steps milestone during the half-term, so watch this space.”