The education sector is facing significant staffing issues this year according to the Department for Education (DfE), due to a substantial drop in teacher recruitment and record levels of employment in other sectors.

In the space of one year, there has been an 8% fall in the number of new entrants to initial teacher training. Recent figures from DfE show there were 37,069 new entrants to initial teacher training this year, compared with 40,377 last year. Worryingly, only 82 per cent of the secondary teachers needed for England in 2021-22 have been recruited to teacher training courses, according to additional figures from the DfE.

Furthermore, pupils in secondary schools with SEN (Special Educational Needs) account for 32.0% of all pupils with SEND, (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) up from 31.4% in 2019. This figure is expected to continually rise, bringing further challenges to the education sector.

For those working as an educator it means that you are likely to be teaching more pupils with special educational needs.

Finding the right staff with the right skills in the current market is incredibly difficult. Recruiting staff that can hit the ground running is becoming increasingly important and harder to find which is why headteachers believe that Moxi will be an enormous success.

James Lowe (Founder of Moxi Recruitment and Edstart)

“As an educator I realised that there were two things going on in the education sector: one was the lack of applicants, and the other was the time it took for schools to organise their recruitment and secure the right calibre of candidates.

“So, I decided to turn recruiter and apply my knowledge and experience to supply schools with high quality, role-ready candidates. A Moxi candidate is one that has been vetted and offered training by us. For educators this means peace of mind that staff coming into their school are prepared for the challenges that will be thrown at them in the classroom.”

Moxi Recruitment can help you recruit staff without the pain