It’s the end of Academic Year 2022/23; my first within education recruitment, and the ideal time to reflect upon what’s happened to date… and to look forward – with keen anticipation – to what lies ahead!

In retrospect

On reflection, it’s been a really busy and productive period for myself and the wider team, here at Moxi Recruitment. We’ve had lots of great introduction to people already working within schools and organisation, either leaders, teachers or teaching assistants, as well as those with the desire, drive and determination to enter into the world of education for the first time.

On an individual level, I have had the privilege of speaking with a whole range of candidates, senior leaders, SENCOs, behaviour management staff, teachers and teaching assistants; conversations which have all proved insightful, informative and helped my understanding of the education sector to broaden and grow.

I have also met with many different clients and collaborators in schools, gaining first-hand experiences of the environments in which our candidate could potentially be working, and talking to staff and students alike about what they would need from new staff coming into those environments.

Similarly, my CPD (Continuing Professional Development) has progressed apace, with particular emphasis being placed on Special Educational Needs, one of our key specialisms, here at Moxi Recruitment.

With regard to networking, I attended the annual REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) Conference in July, hearing about people’s recruitment issues and success stories from various different industries, and collaborating with other professionals in our sector in order to explore solutions and overcome common hurdles and challenges (for the full story, read my REC Conference blog here:

I’ve also been glued to Twitter – in a professional capacity, of course – making connections with the super-supportive community on there, and listening avidly to podcasts about our sector, featuring staff talking about the realities – good and bad – of working in hearing from staff within the sector about hearing the realities of working in education.

Through the previous Academic Year, we at Moxi Recruitment have heard from clients who’ve told us the areas in which they are really struggling. Whilst we can’t fix everything overnight, we’re here to support the education industry over the long term.

Our core values of ‘Agility’, ‘Authenticity’, ‘Transparency’ and ‘Progression’ clearly demonstrate our lasting commitment to transforming education provision across the North West of England – and further afield – in terms of ethical and effective recruitment:

  • Quality – delivering the level of education that both current and future generations deserve.
  • Reliability – maintaining unerringly high recruitment standards and placements in schools.
  • Integrity – growing confidence and experience. Preparing candidates for a wide array of challenges within education.
  • Development – practising safeguarding, child protection and managing behaviours, whilst forming effective, professional relationships.

What lies ahead

There’s no doubt it; we have many more challenges to face during Academic Year 2023/24. By working collaboratively, we can build a coherent plan of action to help ensure we find the right staff, for the right roles, at the right time!

What fills me with particular excitement and positivity with regard to the future of Moxi Recruitment, is the passion and drive shown by so many candidates wanting to get that all-important first foot on the educational career ladder.

All of our clients have been transparent and honest about the people they’re looking for when hiring to new roles, and this really helps us to pinpoint the requisite qualities and identify them within our growing candidate pool.

This process is particularly important when it comes to complementing – and adding to – existing company cultures and methodologies. Only by getting to really know our clients – what makes them and their workforce tick – can we better understand their organisational culture and recruit suitable candidates on their behalf, to fit the bill.

In Academic Year 2023/24, we look forward to introducing even more experienced educators into new areas of teaching; whether it be for career progression, or to obtain broader experience. One of my favourite conversations to have with people, is when I share information about a school that somebody may never have come across before, were it not for our introduction. Just one of the ways in which Moxi Recruitment is really making waves in education.

Lastly, our dedicated Training School will continue into the next Academic Year, with a renewed focus on continual improvement and collaboration with our ever-expanding network. Helping to ensure our trainees are all classroom-ready and fully prepared to deal with burning issues currently affecting our young people.

For more information about Moxi Recruitment and our extensive range of services, call me today on 0300 303 4414, or send an email to