Coming into education was entirely new to me, though I have been in recruitment for a few more years than I’d care to admit, with my career so far taking me into defence, automotive, IT and manufacturing.

Regardless of the industry, sector or client I am working with, my approach is ALWAYS the same. I do my research in advance and ensure I get a good grounding, so that I can confidently understand the roles I am recruiting to AND make sure I am able to ask the right questions.

With that in mind, I have completed some of the online learning that our current trainees are undertaking, so I can let them know what to expect, and to really make sure I understand some of the day-to-day challenges our clients and candidates could be facing.

The modules that I completed were:

  • Safeguarding Children Level 4 including Internet Safety – understanding what we need to be aware of, the processes within safeguarding and how we can ensure the people we work with are correctly safeguarded.
  • Specialist Educational Needs and Disabilities Certificate. (SEND Certification). This is our longest course, but it covers a lot of ground! I discovered so much about learning theory, different types of learning difficulties and approaches – and strategies – to help break down barriers. Modules within this certificate include:
    • Introduction, History and Evolution
    • Constructive Theories of Learning
    • SEN Code of Practice and Implementation in England
    • SENCO Support for SEN Students
    • Different Types of Needs
    • Identification, Assessment and Support of SEN Pupils
    • Behaviours, Reasons and Restorative Practices
    • Understanding Sensory Impairments and Physical Disabilities
    • Understanding and Addressing Difficulties in Cognition and Learning
    • Understanding and Addressing Difficulties in Cognition and Learning
    • Speech, Language and Common Communication Issues
    • Learning Difficulties – Autism
    • Learning Difficulties – Dyslexia
    • Learning Difficulties – Dyspraxia
    • Learning Difficulties – ADHD
    • Importance of SEN Knowledge
    • Specific Learning Difficulties
    • Psychological Perspectives of Behaviour
    • Understanding and Managing Anger
    • Teaching Approaches and Strategies
    • Educational Outcomes
    • Every Teacher’s Responsibility

With May being ‘Mental Health Awareness Month’, it’s only right that the next course I complete will be our ‘Mental Health First Aider’ course. Having benefited from a Mental Health First Aider personally, I’d love to be able to help people who may need it.

Look out for my next blog post on this soon!