Here at Moxi Recruitment, we’re celebrating National Older Workers Week.

Running Monday 20th until Friday 24th November, National Older Workers Week focuses on helping people over the age of 50 find work. We’ve been attending and participating in various events throughout the week, working with our key partners to help older workers make the transition into the education sector, and pass on their invaluable life experience.

By 2025, one in three people in the nation’s workforce will be aged 50 or over, and education is a sector that is already supporting people across all age groups, including the Over 50s. But, what makes this age group so ideally suited for the classroom?

Great people make great educators

That’s our firm belief, here at Moxi Recruitment, and lived experiences can often add a key, positive ingredient to the overall education mix. Likewise, the ability to share those experiences, whether they stem from previous work in education or from a completely unrelated industry, often makes a whole world of difference to the young people you’re there to teach.

Experience and knowledge

Older teachers bring with them a wealth of life experience, as well as accumulated knowledge from many years of working, either in the classroom or another industry. Moreover, they present schools and other education organisations with invaluable opportunities to tap into these strengths, in order to overcome challenges, extend their curriculum and build the practical knowledge of their students.

Focused and more pragmatic

Older educators with broader life experience are more likely to analyse daily tasks and classroom challenges from a measured, calculated point of view, rather than from an emotional one.


Given their experience, maturity and often calming influence, older teachers and educators are often adept at identifying and solving problems that may arise in the classroom, and play a role in resolving potential conflicts.

Positive role modelling

Similarly, older teachers and education professionals can exert a more positive, nurturing influence on their younger, less experienced colleagues and students. Likewise, they often perform particularly well in mentoring roles.

Increased resilience

People over 50 are far more likely to have experienced difficult times throughout their working lives, and so benefit from greater resilience, enabling them to face tough challenges and situations with courage, mental strength and efficiency.

Greater adaptability

People over the age of 50 are also more likely to have had career switches in their working lives, and are therefore receptive to change and able to acquire new skills and embrace changing technologies.

A head for responsibility

Likely, people over 50 are far more inclined to take on roles that require a level of responsibility, as well as often being more willing to accept accountability, should things go wrong.

The Moxi difference

Since our formation we’ve been making waves in ethical education recruitment, by offering people with the requisite drive, enthusiasm and passion for excellence a route into teaching with a particular emphasis on SEN (Special Educational Needs) and SEMH (Social, Emotional and Mental Health) provision. Regardless of their age or previous experience.

You don’t need a degree or even a formal or conventional educational background to kickstart your career in teaching with us. You could be someone working in industry who is looking to give something back and inspire the next generation.

You could be someone who is returning to work after a career break, or standing at a crossroads regarding your professional life. You could be someone who has already trained to be a teacher, but ended up being lost to the profession for whatever reason.

No matter what your story, if you’ve got the drive, determination and passion to help every single child count, then we want to speak with you, here at Moxi Recruitment.

Every child deserves an education, regardless of their individual needs, issues or circumstances. Here at Moxi, we are committed to raising standards in education for people of all abilities, by recruiting the right people who wish to enter teaching for the right reasons.

The confidence to succeed

The most inspirational teachers are those with the courage and confidence to think outside the box when it comes to reaching, shaping and inspiring a young mind.

Moxi literally means ‘confidence’ and ‘determination’. And that’s what we’re here for; to prepare people who are looking to take that plunge into education, giving them the confidence and the determination, fully preparing them to have the biggest impact on young people’s lives.

Training with our partner schools

In our experience, the greatest barrier to success can be confidence. We can help with this, either through our training programmes or work experience with our partner schools or other organisations across our extensive network. Likewise, our training programmes aren’t just for people who are new to education; they’re also ideal for people already working in education, looking to upskill in specific areas, such as Special Educational

Needs, behaviour management, safeguarding and child protection.

Whatever you need, Moxi Recruitment is here to help you make a successful transition to the classroom. If you’re over 50 and looking to make a career switch to education, then call me today on 0300 303 4414 to discuss your individual experiences and background, or send an email to: