Last month, Moxi attended the ‘DBS: Making Recruitment and Employment Safer Conference’. This was the Disclosure and Barring Service’s third annual event, bringing together organisations and representatives who work tirelessly to ensure safe recruitment practices are always adhered to, and ensuring companies, like ourselves, are able to protect the people we work with.

Hosted by Roger Johnson, Journalist and Main Presenter of BBC Northwest Tonight, the event assembled experts from across the safeguarding industry to share ideas and insights, and explore best practice across a virtual, online platform.

During the full-day conference, we heard from various speakers including the Government’s Safeguarding Minister, Sarah Dines, Executive Director for Strategy, Performance and Change, Ian Benson, Chair of Trustees for Sikh Women’s Aid, Sukhvinder Kaur, Deputy Commissioner for Regulatory Policy at the ICO (Information Commissioners Office), Emily Keaney and Clare Kelly, Associate Head of Policy and Public Affairs/Programmes Lead for Changemakers at the NSPCC.

Led by Chief Executive Eric Robinson, the DBS supports employers to make safer recruitment decisions, by processing and issuing criminal record checks, as well as by maintaining the Adults and Children’s Barred Lists.

Whilst it was an online event; the groups that came together felt empowered to speak openly and honestly about safer recruitment practices; what can be shared; what should be reported; and how to effectively recruit more safely. We also heard about some important advances in technology and work going on behind the scenes to utilise these technologies, in order to make the DBS checking process more streamlined and timely, which can be key when recruiting.

We were also given an insight into abuse and harm issues, and how these commonly result in a barring referral.

Our experience and the lessons learned at the event mean that, at Moxi, we’re more confident than ever in making recruitment and employment safer for schools and organisations across the North West of England; and we feel well-placed to discuss concerns with candidates and clients alike.

We’ll be back for next year’s event! Call us today on 0300 303 4414 for more information, or email me direct:

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