Recruitment agencies can get a bad press here in the UK… and, sometimes, not undeservedly so!

Here at Moxi however, our unique approach and ethos sets us apart in the world of education recruitment. We were made by educators for educators, and born from a clear responsibility to revolutionise the standards in our sector. Our experienced senior management team are all specialist trained and benefit from proven track records for excellence in education – including time spent working as leaders and teachers – and this helps us to source and provide schools with the very best staff and programmes to suit their individual needs.

What’s more, we are an ethical recruitment and supply agency acting in the best interests of all parties, at all times.

Here our Talent Acquisition Partner, Anne Oxton debunks some of the more common myths regarding recruitment and education.


  1. Recruitment Agencies only help with supply/short-term cover. They don’t ‘care’ about my business.

This maybe true with regard to some agencies, but not here at Moxi Recruitment! We want to form effective, professional relationships and ensure that we deliver the high quality level of education that our future generation deserves. This is in line with our core company values of ‘agility’, ‘authenticity’ and ‘transparency’, and means we will work with candidates and organisations to understand their specific requirements; whether it’s on a permanent, temporary or supply basis.

  • Organisations – We want to get to know you; your teams; your culture and your ethos. We want to understand the journey that you’re on and how we can help you reach your goals.


  • Candidates – we want to get to know you as an individual; what makes you tick; what your aspirations are and build relationships with you that are for the long term.



  1. Recruitment agencies don’t add value.

This is most definitely NOT the case at Moxi. We have an ever-expanding network of high quality, trained candidates, as well as access to up-to-the-minute job boards. Recruitment is our full-time job, and it’s something we’re incredibly passionate about! We’re always here to offer impartial advice about the market; whether it’s competitors or candidates who may be available.


  1. There is no point in going for a job via an agency; I should just apply for jobs myself.


  • Agencies, like ourselves, may have access to jobs that aren’t currently advertised and to which you maybe ideally suited.


  • Here at Moxi Recruitment, we enjoy strong and reliable links within our network. These often give us the ‘heads up’ regarding any potential vacancies in the pipeline.


  • We’re on hand to provide you with full support throughout the application process.


Education myths – candidates


  1. You must have experience within education to get a job in education.

False! Previously, it WAS the case that you had to self-fund your route into education; e.g. a Level 2 or Level 3 Teaching Assistant qualification. However, this can be costly and take time. At Moxi Recruitment, we aim to remove the barriers for those who want to work in education, but have neither the time nor the money to complete these courses. What’s more, this aim is shared by our clients. We work with a range of schools and organisations who want to hear from people just like you; who have a genuine interest in working with young people in need of their best possible education.


  1. I’ve never worked with children; I don’t think it’s for me.

We get this a lot. In fact, there are some people who have initially laughed when we’ve asked them to consider a career in education.

Every young person is different, with different levels of support needs. Likewise, it may be that you get the opportunity to work one-to-one, or in small groups. Every school is different. Why not try it and see?


  1. It takes a certain kind of person to work in education.

False! Education ‘needs’ people. People who have their own skills, experience and expertise to share with future generation.

Be the teacher you looked up to at school! Whether it was the strict one, the fun one, the quirky one, the teacher who loved David Bowie (just ask me about mine, and look out for my forthcoming interview video on social media).

  1. I’ve worked in education for years; it’s no longer for me.

This could be where your head is at currently, but we’d always recommend you look at a different school or organisation to work for, before you decide to leave the profession altogether.

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